Going Solar

Going solar can save you a large portion of your electricity bill each month and add value to your property.

Are you interested to find out just how much you can save by implementing solar power in your home?

Why Choose Solar?

Utility bills are rising fast and its not going to stop any time soon. Combat this by opting into solar panels for your residential or commercial property. Our company installs the best brands of solar panels on all different types of properties in the local area. Request a quote today and someone from our company will get back to you about your solar panels project.

How Much Can You Save?

On an average basis you will save about 20-50% on your electric bill. Solar power gives you independence from the traditional energy sources. Another benefit of installing solar panels on your home is that it adds value to your home due to the fact that your power bills are so cheap.

Solar Installation Process

So what does the process look lke when we install solar panels on a home?

Step 1: Request A Quote

Step 2: We will submit an estimate and once you approve it, we can move forward.

Step 3: Obtain proper permits with the building safety commission.

Step 4: Install your solar panels professionally and efficiently.

Step 5: You can enjoy your working solar panels.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Solar Panel Installation in Thousand Oaks CA

What You Should Know When Buying Solar Panels for Your Home

Whether you want to save money on utilities or promote a cleaner environment, purchasing a solar power system is a smart investment. Unfortunately, it’s also confusing for homeowners who aren’t familiar with the technology. If you’re thinking abut buying solar panels for your home, there are a few things you should know.

The Cost of Solar Panel Installations Has Declined

Solar panel installations were once viewed as a luxury only the rich could afford. Thanks to advancements in photovoltaic (PV) technology, however, this is no longer the case. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the average cost of solar installations had declined by more than 70 percent since 2010.

You’ll Need an Inverter

In addition to the actual solar panels, you’ll also need an inverter for your home’s solar installation. This device converts the direct current (DC) produced by the panels into alternating current (AC). Since AC is the universal type of electricity used in modern-day homes, an inverter is a essential component of a solar power installation. Of course, a professional solar panel contractor Thousand Oaks CA can help you choose the right inverter for your installation.

You Can Sell Excess Energy to Utility Companies

If your solar panels produce an excess amount of power, you can typically sell that extra power to local utility companies in the form of credits. Known as net metering, this is an agreement between a homeowner and utility company. The homeowner agrees to sell excess solar power to the utility company for bill credits. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement as you receive bill credits towards your utilities while the utility company receives power that it can sell to other customers.

Solar Panels Are Covered By Warranties

You can rest assured knowing that most solar panels are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. If a panel fails, the manufacturer will usually fix or replace it at no charge. Solar panels rarely fail, however, with most lasting up to 25 years.

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